Seed producer asks Nigeria to go hybrid to boost maize production

Farmers at the trial site of TELA Maize variety in Zaria, Kaduna state Nigeria. Photo: AATF

(Kaduna: October 5, 2022) Nigeria will achieve self-sufficiency in maize production when farmers embrace hybrid varieties, a leading seed producer has said. Mr. Brighton Karume, the managing director of ECOBasic Seeds Limited, said productivity was hampered by farmers’ reliance on traditional varieties that are not resistant to disease, pests and drought.

Addressing a press conference to mark the company’s first anniversary, Mr Karume said despite growing the largest maize acreage on the continent, Nigeria was not the top producer due to poor varieties and land practices.

“Nigeria has an annual maize deficit of eight million metric tons. If half of the nation’s maize farmers embrace hybrid, this deficit will be overcome in no time,” he said.

Mr Karume said technology plays a very crucial role in agricultural productivity and hybrid technology brings about improved varieties which are helping farmers in other countries increase harvests for food and nutrition security.

ECOBasic Seeds Company Limited was established by AATF in consultation with seed associations in Nigeria to bridge the gap of early-generation seeds in West Africa.

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