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Farmers urged to buy hybrid seeds to boost food security

[Kaduna: Feb. 26, 2023] Farmers in Nigeria have been urged to stop using grains as seeds in order to increase harvests. Speaking in Kaduna during a meeting with farmers, Mr. Brighton Karume, Managing Director of ECOBasic Seeds Company Limited, said the country would be food secure if small-holders used certified hybrid seeds every planting season. […]

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Seed producer asks Nigeria to go hybrid to boost maize production

(Kaduna: October 5, 2022) Nigeria will achieve self-sufficiency in maize production when farmers embrace hybrid varieties, a leading seed producer has said. Mr. Brighton Karume, the managing director of ECOBasic Seeds Limited, said productivity was hampered by farmers’ reliance on traditional varieties that are not resistant to disease, pests and drought. Addressing a press conference […]

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