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PRESS RELEASE: Dr. Ousmane Badiane appointed AATF ambassador

[Nairobi, April 2023]: Dr Ousmane Badiane, a renowned agricultural economist and policy expert, has been appointed as the new ambassador of AATF. The appointment was announced in March 2023 by the AATF Board of Trustees, and it takes effect immediately. In this position, Dr Badiane will be responsible for promoting the work of AATF across […]

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NEW TIMES RWANDA: How agricultural biotechnology could boost food security

GM crops have gene(s) inserted from the same or unrelated organism using genetic engineering methods, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). These genes, FAO says, confer beneficial traits such as pest resistance, ability to grow in extreme and unfavourable conditions and increased nutrient levels among others. Take an example of a GM […]

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