We are driven by the vision of a prosperous and food secure Africa where the livelihoods of smallholder farmers are transformed through innovative agricultural technologies that deliver results. We focus on achieving real meaningful change for farmers through five overarching programmes namely Farm Productivity; Mechanisation & Digital Agriculture; Nutrition, Food Quality & Post-harvest Management; Market Systems for Commercialisation; and Policy Environment and Public Participation.

Farm Productivity

Integrated innovations and know-how application that will improve agricultural productivity of African staple and cash crops

Policy Environment and Public Participation

More receptive, science based, legal, regulatory & commercial environment that delivers safe technologies to market while protecting human & environmental health.

Market Systems for Commercialisation

Efficient market systems that will accelerate uptake and use of agricultural technologies for improved livelihoods of small holder farmers.

Nutrition, Food Quality and Post-harvest Management

A mix of crops and techniques that enhance nutritional value of crops that provide a healthy and balanced diet for families in Africa while reducing post-harvest losses

Mechanisation and Digital Agriculture

Mechanised and digital agriculture that will reduce drudgery for smallholder farmers, develop competitive value chains and achieve future growth and poverty reduction agendas in Africa.

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