Ousmane Badiane
Chair, Board of Trustees

Jennifer Ann Thomson
Board Chair Emeritus

George Agyemang Sarpong
Member, Board of Trustees

Ingrid Wünning Tschol
Member, Board of Trustees

Sylvia Horemans
Member, Board of Trustees

Shey R. Tata
Member, Board of Trustees

Jessica Fransisca Colaco

Hamadi Iddi Boga
Member, Board of Trustees

Dahlia Garwe
Member, Board of Trustees

Dr. Canisius Kanangire
Executive Director

Dr. Canisius Kanangire
Executive Director

Emmanuel Okogbenin
Director, Programme Development and Commercialization (PDC).

Alhaji Tejan-Cole
Director of Legal Affairs/Legal Counsel

Sofia Tesfazion
Director, Resource Mobilisation

Peter Mugambi
Director, Corporate Services

Nancy Muchiri
Senior Manager, Communications and Partnerships

Jacquine Kinyua
Executive Officer

Josephine Mailu
Head, Human Resources

Jane Achando
Legal Officer

Ruth Rotich
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Caroline Thande
Administrative Assistant

Abed Mathagu
Program Officer, Regulatory Affairs

Fredah Nyaga
Finance and Procurement Officer

Amos Kimebur
Head of Finance

Caleb Obunyali
Program Officer WEMA

David Tarus
Seeds2B Project Coordinator

Daniel Kyalo Willy
Program Officer, TAAT Policy Enabler

Kayode Abiola Sanni
Rice Project Manager

Sylvester Oikeh
WEMA Project Manager

George Marechera
Agribusiness Development Manager

Gordon Ogutu
Protocal/Liaison Assistant

Monica Ndoria
Regional Advocacy Coordinator – TELA

Francis Onyekachi Nwankwo
Product Stewardship Manager

Francis Nang’ayo
Senior Manager, Regulatory Matters

Issoufou Kollo Abdourhamane
Cowpea Project Manager

Munyaradzi Jonga
Seeds Production Manager

Dorothy Akinyi Onyango
Program Officer – Rice

Mary Asorit

Paul Oni Owolabi
Associate Administrative and Finance Officer

Simeon Eze
Driver, Abuja Office

Arnold Ntulume Mbowa
Project Officer, Partnership for Africa Seed Technology Transfer Activity (PASTTA)

Stephen Obunga
Project Accountant 

Howard Okiror
Legal Officer

Ijeoma Akaogu 
Program Officer- COWPEA

Cecilia Limera
Program Officer – Programme Development and Commercialisation (PDC)

Vitumbiko Chinoko 
Project Manager -OFAB PROJECT

Joanne Muthie 
Digital Communications Officer

Alex Abutu 
Communications Officer-West & Central Africa

George Achia 
Communications Officer-East and Southern Africa

Wilson Kivati 
Resource Mobilization Officer

Millicent Sedi 
Program Officer-Agribusiness Development

Moses Taiwo Ajireloja
Program Officer- Seed Systems

Verenardo Meeme Programme Officer – Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology Technology (OFAB)

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