At AATF, we believe that the use of appropriate technology can improve agricultural productivity in Africa. To this end, we support farmers in Africa and especially smallholder farmers in their quest for access to the best agricultural technology. Through various our projects, we have united key stakeholders and positioned technology transfer as a priority for Africa’s agricultural progress. The foundation projects cover a diversified crop portfolio that combines cereals, roots and tubers, legumes and horticultural crops.

TELA Maize Project

Protecting maize against drought and insect damage

TAAT Maize Compact

Increasing uptake and use of proven high-yielding climate smart maize technologies by smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa

TAAT Policy Enabler

Facilitating the Creation of an Enabling Environment for Technology Deployment in Africa

Pod Borer Resistant Maruca (PBR) Cowpea

Improving cowpea productivity and production in Africa

MLN Diagnostics and Management Project

For production and use of clean certified MCMV disease free maize seeds

Cassava Mechanisation and Agroprocessing Project (CAMAP)

Modernising production practices

Seeds to Business Project (Seeds2B)

Making quality seed available at the right time, place and price

The Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB)

Building stakeholder understanding and uptake of agricultural biotechnology in Africa

Nitrogen-Use Efficient, Water-Use Efficient and Salt Tolerant Rice (NEWEST) Project

Improving rice productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa

Hybrid Rice Project

For Increasing productivity and competitiveness of African rice

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