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    On #AATFKIKAO Ep 6, we see how can different players in the agricultural space can enhance youth involvement in the sector and catalyze agricultural development.

    What is your outlook on these youth farmers on #AATFKIKAO?

    Here is the final part of Ep 6:

    The typical image of an #African #farmer is usually an older man or woman in tattered clothes & generally looking miserable. How can we change this narrative to make agriculture more attractive to the youth?

    A look at our young farmers on this week's #AATFKIKAO says different

    Thank you for watching Part 1 of #AATFKIKAO's Youth in Agriculture. In Part 2, we ask: given Africa's youthful population, how do we get them to engage in agriculture as a preferred economic venture?

    #AATFAfrica #Prosperitythroughtechnology

    On the #AATFKIKAO episode, we ask, what is the level of interest and #engagement of #youth in #agriculture? And why is it so important for young people to engage in Agriculture?

    Watch Episode 6 Part 1 here:

    #AATFAfrica #ProsperitythroughTechnology

    Adoption of Technologies for Sustainable #Farming Systems Crucial

    To increase productivity & sustain resilience in food systems & nutrition security across Africa, technologies need to be adopted, #agricultural experts say.
    @aatfafrica @FAO #AGRF2022

    A 3-day gathering of the BIO4Africa partners began with a tour of the #biorefinery now in operation at Fort Portal @KRCUganda with @GrassaVenlo. Progress evaluation is top of the agenda. More project info 👉
    @aatfafrica @cirad @MTU_ie @Sava_Net @EU_EISMEA


    On this week's #AATFKIKAO, we ask you: Does this sound close to the discussions you hear from the Youth about Agriculture? What answer would you give and advise these youth today?

    Are you ready?

    Take a seat and join the conversation.

    #AATFAfrica #ProsperitythroughTechnology

    This week on #AATFKIKAO, we present a most awaited discussion- Youth& Agriculture, featuring @oniondoctorLTD Lucy Wangare - Kenya & @REALGREENGOLDL1 Pacifique Nshimiyimana - Rwanda. Tune in for Episode 6 of #AATFKIKAO coming right up...
    #AATFAfrica #Prosperitythroughtechnology

    Thanks AATF @aatfafrica for hosting Global Biotech Potato @Ftfpotatopjt Project Director Dave Douches, Deputy Director Africa Mark Ghislain, and Global Resource Lead Eric Magembe @Cipotato @MSUAgBio

    AATF (@aatfafrica) and the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research - EIAR (@InstituteEiar) have successfully conducted a Judges Biosafety Workshop in Adama Ethiopia. This training is the first of its kind at the organisation. #AATFAfrica #ProsperitythroughTechnology

    What are your thoughts? Is misinformation on #Geneediting impacting the potential for Africa's agriculture?

    Share them with us at Thank you for watching #AATFKIKAO

    #AATFAfrica #ProsperitythroughTechnology

    As a final reminder of #AATFKIKAO #GeneEditing is not a NEW technology. Its applications are vast and wide and can be adopted for the betterment of Africa's agriculture.

    #AATFAfrica #ProsepritythroughTechnology

    Here is a recap of the #GeneEditing discussion on #AATFKIKAO.

    What is #geneediting all about?

    Dr Steven Runo from @KenyattaUni educates us on why we should not be afraid of this "new" technology.

    #AATFAfrica #ProsperitythroughTechnology

    As we start a new week, we recap the learnings on #AATFKIKAO on #Geneediting.

    Is this a new technology? And why are we so afraid of it? Learn more on #AATFKIKAO.

    #AAFAfrica #ProsperitythroughTechnology

    This week's #AATFKIKAO, we listen to Part 3 of the #Geneediting discussion, we look at the regulatory landscape in Africa.

    What can be done to create a more enabling environment for gene editing and other new breeding techniques? #AATFAfrica

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