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    WE ARE LIVE!! Join the #ISTRC2022 19th Triennial Symposium of Root and Tuber Crops happening at Safari Park, Nairobi.

    Follow the hashtag #ISTRC2022 to keep up with the updates.

    Welcome all to #ISTRC2022- the 19th Triennial Symposium of ISTRC happening LIVE from Nairobi, Kenya at the Safari Park Hotel.

    COUNTDOWN !! 2 DAYS TO GO to #ISTRC2022! Are you ready?

    We invite you to the #ISTRC2022 opening ceremony which will be live-streamed through AATF Social media channels. Follow us for more updates.


    COUNTDOWN !! 3 DAYS TO GO to #ISTRC2022! Are you ready?

    We have an esteemed panel of 24 speakers to share with you key learnings in the Root and Tuber crop sector. Join our opening ceremony which will be live-streamed through AATF Social media channels.

    Supporting #smallholderfarmers is a key to ensuring global #foodsecurity. That’s why we’re working with @aatfafrica, @IITA_CGIAR and other close partners to empower smallholders one farm at a time. See how:


    The #ISTRC2022 19th Triennial Symposium is brought to you by AATF, the Government of Kenya, and our esteemed partners.

    Are you ready for the #ISTRC2022 19th Triennial Symposium? 5 DAYS TO GO!

    Brought to you by @aatfafrica, Government of Kenya, and our partners.

    @CanisiusKana We ( Kenyans) cannot continue to be prisoners of misinformation. We are happy that we will soon join other nations in tapping the benefits of GM technology @aatfafrica @afri_isaaa @OFABKenya #TalkGMOFacts

    KEPSA in partnership with @AsnetKenya, @isaaa_org, @aatfafrica and other stakeholders, today hosted a private sector sensitization workshop on the lift of GMO ban in Kenya.

    These organizations include @aatfafrica, @ILRI, @Cipotato, CFAO Agri Limited - a fertilizer manufacturing & distribution company and the Qualibasics #seed company.


    In Part 2 of #AATFKIKAO, how can farmers identify certified seeds and where can they purchase such seeds?

    Also, do we have any national, or regional policies in place to safeguard farmers against counterfeit agricultural inputs? Only on #AATFKIKAO


    Our Agribusiness Coordinators Caleb Magambo (pic 2) & Ronald Orwa (pic 4) inspecting a Hybrid rice Demo in #Ahero,Kisumu which they have reported to be performing exceptionally well👏🏾

    A very good case scenario for a field day 🌾 @aatfafrica @_SeedCoKenya #TogetherWeGrow


    In Part 1 of this week's #AATFKIKAO, farmers lose yields by using poor-quality or counterfeit seed and other agricultural inputs.

    What control measures do we have in place to ensure farmers get the quality input material that they pay for? #AATFAfrica

    This week on #AATFKIKAO, we ask: how significant is the problem of low-quality farm inputs in the world and more particularly here in Africa?

    And how does it impact overall food production and food security in Africa?

    Only on #AATFKIKAO. Take a seat and join the conversation.

    #AATFKIKAO is an informative weekly discussion series to keep an eye on if you are interested in #Agriculture in #Africa - here is one of the episodes and where you can subscribe on Youtube

    AATF Africa@aatfafrica

    This week on #AATFKIKAO... we want to demystify the misconceptions around hybrid seeds and what options exist for farmers based on their farming goals.

    Are you ready?

    #AATFAfrica #ProsperitythroughTechnology

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