AATF and Kenya Editors Guild sign MoU to promote
biotechnology reporting in Kenya

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AATF Launches Cassava Mechanisation and
Processing Project in Nigeria

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Lessons from Africa’s largest producer of GMO

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Taking Agricultural Biotechnology and Biosafety
Awareness to the Grassroots where it matters:
A case of OFAB Ethiopia

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AATF and AUDA-NEPAD Sign MoU to Improve
Agricultural Productivity and Supply Chains through
Genome Editing Innovation

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Welcome To AATF

AATF is a not-for-profit African led organisation that provides farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) with practical technology solutions to overcome farm productivity constraints.

Founded in 2003, AATF is driven by the vision of a prosperous, resilient, food and nutrition-secure Africa, where smallholder farmers’ livelihoods are transformed through agricultural innovations.



Product Development & Deployment

This programme encompasses the upstream functions of the technology development pipeline, ranging from scouting and access to development (including trait/agroecological breeding and adaptation). It covers technology proof-of-concept, feasibility determination through cost-benefit analysis (CBA), product/variety testing, release and registration, technology demonstrations, and technical discussions.

Seed Systems Development & Product Commercialisation

This programme centres on facilitating the commercialisation and scaling-up of products developed through AATF partnership projects. It comprises three crucial components: firstly, the facilitation of efficient and cost-effective seed systems to deliver products directly to farmers. Secondly, stewardship support is provided to ensure the responsible use of these products. And finally, value chain-specific market development is undertaken to bolster access and adoption. The programme also encompasses scaling up partner engagement and ensuring last-mile delivery.

Enabling Environment

Through this programme, AATF seeks to foster the materialisation of technology development, release, and commercialisation at both country and regional levels. This is achieved through collaborative efforts with governments and relevant organisations for the enactment and implementation of clearly articulated policies, laws, regulations, guidelines, processes, and institutions. These efforts are underpinned by political goodwill and the requisite abilities and resources.

Number of total beneficiaries reached (farmers and other stakeholders)
Number of Smallholder farmers directly reached
Number of Market system value chain actors
Number of Seed companies and agrodealers engaged
Number of Metric tonnes of New product seed sold
Number of Hectares of Land area cultivated with AATF products
Number of Countries in Africa with AATF presence/reach/coverage
Number of farmers that AATF has educated on mechanization


Food Security: FG, AATF launch TELA maize, to save $256m annually from pesticide importation


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Breakthrough Study Shows MON 87460 Gene Enhances Maize Yield Under Drought Stress


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Gender Disparities Shape Adoption of Farming Technology in Northern Nigeria


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AATF and AUDA-NEPAD Sign MoU to Improve Agricultural Productivity and Supply Chains through Genome Editing Innovation

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#AATFKIKAO is an authoritative platform that tackles crucial issues affecting Africa’s agricultural sector. The Kikao Series presents insightful discussions led by a panel of experts, delving into a range of topics aligned with AATF’s key operational areas.

They encompass fostering an environment conducive to technology adoption; driving the commercialization of technology (agribusiness) to enhance African agriculture; promoting mechanization and digital agriculture; addressing nutrition concerns; and implementing effective post-harvest management practices.

Catch it on NTV Kenya every Wednesday at 7.30 pm EAT. On-demand episodes are available on the AATF YouTube page.

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