With the ultimate goal of transforming livelihoods through innovative agricultural technologies to improve incomes and improve food and nutrition security in Africa South of the Sahara, the AATFs strategy for 2018 -2022 focus on three objectives to increase the adoption of commercialized agricultural technologies by farmers.

The three objectives are to:

Diversify agricultural technologies accessed for use

Accelerate commercialization of agricultural technologies 

Create an enabling environment for increased uptake and use of agricultural technologies

Two other cross-cutting objectives will be of focus are:

  1. To enhance women and youth empowerment in agricultural value chains and
  2.  To increase engagement of the public and private sectors in agriculture.

AATF will collaborate with an allied cadre of partners in the agricultural value chain, to benefit a projected 16 million smallholder farmers by 2022.

Four million farmers will be reached directly through AATF’s activities and that of its partners and an additional 12 million will be reached indirectly through advocacy, outreach and regulatory interventions that will bolster enhanced capacity for the private sector and seed systems in general.

During this period, AATF will spearhead expanded access, availability and use of innovative technologies to reach 40% of countries in SSA and to increase the incomes of farmers adopting AATF technologies by 20%.

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