Africa is not a battle ground for GMO adoption, say experts

(ABUJA: October 03, 2022) Agriculture and policy leaders from Nigeria, Ethiopia and Mozambique have said that Africa is on the cusp of a biotechnological revolution and is no longer a battle ground for adoption of genetically modified organisms (GMO). Speaking in Abuja at an interactive session on agricultural technologies that can help smallholder farmers in […]

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African biotech regulators applaud South-to-South learning in Nigeria benchmarking tours

The African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) organised a benchmarking visit to Nigeria for regulators from Ethiopia and Mozambique, who are part of the TELA Maize Project.  The September 12-16,2022, tour was intended for the visiting teams to learn from Nigeria’s biotechnology regulation in general, as well as specific experiences with the regulation of the transgenic […]

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