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NEWS: Why hardy cassava should be crop of the moment

(Saturday, October 01, 2022) Dr Emmanuel Okogbenin is the African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) director for programme development and commercialisation. He has worked on biotech applications in cassava in Africa leading to a number of improved varieties. He spoke to Michael Oriedo about why cassava is a key crop at this time when many nations […]

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Removing drudgery from cassava farming – success for farmer Stephania Kunda in Zambia

by AATF Africa Cassava, a highly nutritious crop, can be time consuming to plant, maintain and harvest. This has caused many farmers to shun planting the crop and those who plant cassava neglect its maintenance leading to below optimum yields. Cassava Mechanisation and Agroprocessing Project (CAMAP), currently being implemented in Nigeria, Zambia and Uganda, is […]

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