Terms of Reference: Development of E-Learning Gender Training Modules

Department: AATF Gender Technical Team
Deadline for Application: 09/16/2021



AATF is an international not-for-profit organization that is empowering smallholder farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa with a wide choice of agricultural innovations that contribute to food and nutrition security to generate health and wealth for their families and communities. Established in 2003 as an African-led entity, AATF works with public and private partners across the full food value chain to access, develop, deliver, and commercialize innovative technologies that bring meaningful change to Africa’s agriculture.

To foster its contribution in meeting the CAADP expectations for a continent free of hunger and poverty, AATF institutionalized a robust gender strategy aimed at ensuring equitable access to innovative agricultural technologies, resources, opportunities and benefits for women and men, youths and vulnerable groups in SSA. The AATF’s value proposition for agricultural transformation in SSA is anchored on advancing gender equity and women’s empowerment in each of the AATF strategic objectives as outlined in the 2018-2022 Business Plan.

The proposition includes the creation of opportunities for women, men, youths, disadvantaged and marginalized people, and communities so they can participate in, and benefit from agricultural development. It is this inclusive growth and social cohesion that will lead to vibrant and sustainable agricultural development and rural transformation in Africa.

To facilitate ongoing institutional learning among AATF staff, partners, and broader stakeholders on Gender Mainstreaming, AATF is seeking a consultant/ organization to leverage the existing gender training manual to develop an interactive online training module that will be embedded within a wider learning platform within AATF.

  • Scope of Work
    • The purpose of this initiative is to create an interactive learning experience that will enable participants to undertake the training in a self-paced manner to allow wide adoption irrespective of geographical location.
    • The assignment will involve creation of defined storylines or scenarios and will need to be interspersed with quizzes, information nuggets, and case studies to enhance the learning experience as well as improve the interaction with those undertaking the course.  
    • The users of the module will be segmented according to expected engagement with the institutional gender integration priorities. The segmentation will be discussed with the successful applicant in greater detail.
    • The consulting firm is expected to work with the AATF Gender Technical team to gain understanding of the AATF Gender manual content and organizational context.
    • The training will be availed in both English & French.
  • Approach and Methodology

The contracted party will customize the content for the manual that has been co-developed by AATF and IGNITE.  The contractor will be responsible for defining and carrying out the overall evaluation approach which will include specification of the techniques for the e-content, structured outlines, and piloting of the content with the target audiences before launching the online content. All products will be evaluated and approved by the Gender Technical Team at AATF.

  • Deliverables

The consultant firm will be responsible for the following: –

  1. Instructionally design modules based on the existing Gender Training Manual and interviews with the selected subject matter expert(s).
  2. Designing and developing a functional prototype of the online learning modules for review and validation.
  3. Complete development of the self-paced and interactive learning modules including integrating the same within a wider learning platform within AATF.
  4. Overall project management.
    1. Participate in an initial kick-off meeting with the AATF Gender technical team to discuss the project, validate critical objectives, agree on learning objectives, and to develop a project plan to guide the project through completion.
    2. Work with the AATF Gender Technical team to understand existing content and to instructionally design the content into storyboards to meet the agreed learning objectives.
    3. In consultation with the AATF Gender Technical team, the consultant should present three (3) distinct sample user interface designs for the module(s), each to include an example of a welcome/ main menu screen and a page of sample content. These designs should include color palettes, header and footer sections, navigational and menu buttons, and follow AATF branding guidelines.
    4. The AATF Gender Technical team will work with the consultant to refine the designs and select a final interface including validating the selected design. This will ensure that the final product will have:
      • An overall design plan and architecture.
      • A consistent look and feel.
      • A common and apparent navigation strategy.
      • Interactive exercises.
      • Required visuals – flow charts/sketches/interactive image maps & relevant videos.
      • Provide continuous updates to the AATF Gender Technical team on the progress of assignment.
    5. The consultants will need to ensure the following points while developing the E-learning modules.
      • Each module of the training is expected to take no more than 30 minutes to complete, which should be further broken down into topics of no more than 10 minutes each. It is expected that the entire course content will be 4 modules long.
      • Training should also direct the learners to the relevant links for additional reading resources.
      • A case study with closed-ended questions will be part of the overall training module.
      • Number of assessment questions “check-for-understanding” embedded in each module.
      • Images and references should be culturally appropriate.
  • AATF General Requirements:

Working closely with the AATF Gender Technical team, the vendor must abide by the following general requirements:

  1. All work must be completed as per AATF’s technical specifications,
  2. The vendor must have the requisite expertise and experience with relevant learning management system.
  3. Content should be designed and developed in a manner to support use in developing countries and shared offices which may share bandwidth access to the Internet.
  4. Any requirements that could have a significant impact on the project costs and/or timelines should be identified in the response to this TOR and should be clearly understood by all parties prior to beginning development.
  5.  As AATF is interested in delivering products of the highest quality, the vendor is requested to present any suggestions or comments on how to improve the course design as well as the presentation of content through dynamic tools, interactive concept maps, functionality and/or aesthetic touches.
  6. AATF will own copyright for all materials developed or included in the online learning program.
  • Required Experience
    • Graduate in Communications, Journalism, Public Relations, English, International Relations, Computer Science, Information Technology or other relevant discipline
    • The consultant firm’s team must be comprised of qualified experts, with a demonstrated track record in developing quality online learning. Overall experience of firm should be more than 5+ years.
    • The team should have experience developing online learning in low-bandwidth environments and have knowledge of delivering bi-lingual online learning in developing countries.
    • The firm should have a strong project management ability and excellent communication skills.
    • References and examples of past work are required and should be included in the proposal.
    • Knowledge of gender and human rights issues desirable.
  • Mode of Application

Interested and qualified consultants and firms should submit a proposal as follows:

  1. A comprehensive technical proposal not exceeding 7 pages indicating how the work will be carried out.
  2. A comprehensive financial proposal
  3. A list of 3 referees where the consultants undertook similar work in the last 3 years.
  4. A full package of the proposal should be sent to: procurement@aatf-africa.org no later than 16th September 2021

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