Prof Ida Sithole-Niang, Former AATF Board Chair, Elected World Academy of Sciences Fellow

Congratulations to Prof Ida Sithole-Niang on her election as a Fellow at the World Academy of Sciences. At AATF we are proud of your leadership as Board Chair between January 2010 to April 2016. Your guidance on strategy direction and the special expertise on the Pod Borer Resistant (PBR) cowpea is priceless and gave AATF the drive to provide farmers not only in Nigeria but other countries who grow cowpea a solution to the pod borer menace that holds small holder farmers across the continent hostage.

Prof Idah Sithole-Niang, is a professor at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Zimbabwe, Harare, where she has been teaching molecular biology. She was instrumental in co-coordinating  a global network for the Genetic Improvement of Cowpea for Africa which brought development partner-attention to the crop culminating in the development of insect-resistant cowpea for Africa. She is a member of the Zimbabwe Academy of Sciences and received Outstanding Graduate Woman of the Year at Michigan State University 1988, the First William Brown Fellowship in 1990, the Rockefeller Biotechnology Career Fellowship in 1992, fellow of the Salzburg Seminars, among others.

Idah has a passion for seeking solutions to challenges within the agricultural sphere through science focusing on the plight of farmers not only on cowpea but other crops including sorghum.

For that we thank you Ida and look forward to more accolades for great strides in science and being an inspiration to many women within the science field. Your achievements have inspired passion among the scientific community for life changing research onto problems that are facing the African continent especially the small holder farmer.

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