Gender mainstreaming in AATF institutional and project activities

African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) has developed a Gender Strategy (2018 – 2022) in pursuit of gender equity through gender mainstreaming. This involves a process of incremental change in policies, strategies, and activities. The long-term objective is that attention to gender equity will pervade all policies, strategies, and activities, so that women and men influence, participate in, and benefit equally from all AATF interventions.

AATF gender mainstreaming seeks not only to avoid the creation, or reinforcement, of inequalities, but also to analyse the existing situation, with the purpose of identifying inequalities, and developing policies which aim to redress them and undo the mechanisms that caused them. It recognizes that gender-based inequalities have adverse effects on both women and men.

Gender mainstreaming is considered a crosscutting issue within AATF and is embedded in all its projects and programmes in the current AATF gender strategy (2018 – 2022).

To ensure gender mainstreaming is achieved at AATF, immense progress has been made at the institutional level.  Efforts have been made to identify enablers and drivers of mainstreaming the gender agenda at the operational level.  Initiatives have been taken to enhance AATF’s working modalities to reflect gender awareness at this level. At the programme level, deliberate efforts have been made to integrate gender elements into the entire project cycle. AATF has also conducted various gender market studies that seek to identify existing gender inclusivity gaps and barriers and recommend solutions, to ensure that gender mainstreaming is ingrained in its programmes. Among other outputs, this has enhanced the empowerment of women and youth in the agricultural value chain.

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