1.0 About AATF

AATF is an international not-for-profit organization that is empowering smallholder farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa with a wide choice of agricultural innovations that contribute to food and nutrition security to generate health and wealth for their families and communities.

Established in 2003 as an African-led entity, AATF works with public and private partners across the full food value chain to access, develop, deliver, and commercialize innovative technologies that bring meaningful change to Africa’s agriculture.

AATF is driven by a vision of a prosperous and food secure Africa, one where millions of smallholder farmers can transform African agriculture with the same innovations that are transforming food production around the world. AATF believes the farmers in Africa will become globally competitive through use of the best technology, optimal agricultural practices, strategic product value addition and boosted access to efficient markets within and outside Africa.

2.0 Background of the project

After almost a decade of deliberations and international collaborations facilitated by AATF, the USAID- led PBR Cowpea project was birthed and the seeds developed and release by the help of one of AATF’s research partners Iinstitute for Agricultural Research (IAR) of Nigeria. The PBR Cowpea is the first genetically modified food crop to be released in Nigeria.

After much success in Nigeria, the Republic of Ghana also followed suit granting environmental approval for the release of the PBR Cowpea in the country in 2022. The PRB Cowpea is also the first genetically modified food crop to be released in Ghana.

3.0 Objectives of the assignment

The documentary which focused on the journey of PBR Cowpea from inception to present success- telling the stories from different perspectives of the policy makers, scientists, donors and investors, government bodies and farmers involved in the development, release and commercialization of the food crop in both Nigeria and Ghana.

It will also capture in great detail farmers’ experience with the PBR Cowpea variety spanning from planting of the variety, weeding, and application of insecticide to harvesting- and the comparison with the traditional Cowpea variety.

It will highlight major achievements, challenges and what remains to be done, and suggest lessons for the future.

We will also look at the societal impact that the crop has contributed to- from economic and gender empowerment to nutritional improvements at the household level- in the overall drive to achieve food and nutritional security.

4.0 Scope of Work

The Consultant is expected to work closely with the Communications and Partnership Unit (CPU) and share a final edited 60-minute 4K and 1080p documentary with various cuts as directed by the CPU team.

In addition, the Consultant will undertake a Field Photography exercise of stakeholders such as farms and farmers visited during the duration of the shoot. With an assurance of quality output and timely submission, the consultant will:

  1. Develop the documentary’s overall concept and scenario.
  2. Develop the documentary script and storyboard to be used in the shooting and production of the documentary.
  3. Conduct field visits of the PBR Cowpea farms and interview smallholder farmers, farmer group representatives and local leaders.
  4. Interview selected interviewees for the documentary who shall include researchers at IAR in Nigeria and SARI in Ghana and Seed companies and other stakeholders.
  5. Present a draft documentary to AATF for review/comments before final edits.
  6. Incorporate the comments and produce a final edited 60-minute documentary on DVD and raw footage {online} to AATF in 1080p and 4K.
  7. Create a Photo collection with clear, high-resolution photography of the farm visits with farmers and project outputs in the field. To be shared in soft copy.

The documentary will cover northern Nigeria and northern Ghana.

5.0 Deliverables

  1. Prepared script for the documentary
  2. The rough cut of every phase of the documentary should be provided to the CPU team representative for review, comments, and approval.
  3. Field Photography of farmer and AATF impact on the ground

6.0 Duration

The period of the assignment is six (6) months from the contract start date.

7.0 Qualifications/ Experience

  1. Minimum of three (3) years’ documented work experience in film/reportage/documentary scripting, producing, directing, and editing.
  2. Access to highest quality filming, light, sound and editing equipment, as well as photography equipment.
  3. Ability to operate under strict time limits and apply high production and technical standards for the purpose of maintaining a high level of professionalism.
  4. Ability to communicate and conduct interviews in English and Hausa
  5. Track record of successful materials filmed in the region and/or on similar topics would be an asset.
  6. Have access to film licences to ensure timely production of the documentary

8.0 Application Criteria

Technical proposal:

1. Clear work plan and proposal in English, describing the proposed direction to undertake this assignment- Creativity and innovation is highly encouraged. Also, capture previous experience on similar projects.

2. Three links to previous work samples demonstrating the most relevant productions

3. Three references (with contact information) from previous clients

4. Detailed list with technical team to work on the production as well as comprehensive list of the equipment intended for use, including camera, light, sound, editing software etc.

5. Detailed filming plan and timelines for all phases in pre-production, production, and post-production with key milestones and deadlines.

Financial proposal:

1. Detailed budget breakdown of all estimated costs, including estimated days of shooting, production team, days of editing, travel costs, music, etc.

2. A clear total cost for the final product. Please note that all costs, including transport, should be included in the total sum submitted in the proposal. All applicable taxes should be included.


A full package of the proposal should be sent to:procurement@aatf-africa.org no later than 5thJune 2023

9.0 Terms and conditions of the proposal
AATF reserves the right to request new or additional information regarding each service provider and any individual or other persons associated with its project proposal. AATF reserves the right not to make any appointment from the proposals submitted.

Service providers shall not make available or disclose details pertaining to their Project proposal with anyone not specifically involved, unless authorized to do so by AATF. Service providers shall not issue any press release or other public announcement pertaining to details of their project proposal without the prior written approval.

AATF Service providers are required to declare any conflict of interest they may have in the transaction for which the tender is submitted or any potential conflict of interest. AATF reserves the right not to consider further any proposal where such a conflict of interest exists or where such potential conflict of interest may arise.

10.0 Confidentiality Statement
All data and information received from AATF for the purpose of this assignment are to be treated confidential and are only to be used in connection with the execution of these Terms of Reference. All intellectual property rights arising from the execution of these Terms of Reference are assigned to AATF.