TERMS OF REFERENCE: Facilitator for Project Result Based Management Training

A. Introduction

AATF is a not-for-profit organization that is driven by the vision of a prosperous, resilient, food and nutrition-secure Africa, where smallholder farmers’ livelihoods are transformed through agricultural innovations. To serve the needs of farmers in Africa better and generate more impact in the agricultural sector, AATF formulates projects around demand-driven technological innovations to address specific challenges and reduce poverty in Africa.  Thus, AATF employs an efficient project management approach that drives the delivery of its mandate. The organization fosters world-class project management capabilities and continuously improves its approach. 

It is against this background that AATF is seeking a consultant to facilitate training on result-based management; an approach to project management that focuses on achieving desired results and impact.

B. Purpose of the training

The goal of the training is to equip the AATF project staff with background knowledge, skills, practical experience, and tools used in RBM aimed at improving management effectiveness and accountability in project management. By the end of the training the teams are expected to understand and apply:

  1. Result-based management throughout the project cycle management process.
  2. Different logic models and performance management approaches.
  3. Impact reporting and communication with the goal of enhancing accountability and learning.
  4. Result-based budgeting.

C. Expected Deliverables & Timeline

The consultant will be expected to deliver the following:

  1. An inception report which details the methodology/approaches and timelines associated with this consultancy and outlines a draft curriculum for the training workshop.
  2. The final agreed training curriculum for the training and the full complement of workshop materials.
  3. The final report on the training includes a thorough evaluation of the workshop.

F. Timeframe

The assignment will take a duration of 5 days from the contract start date and the definitive timeframe and planning for execution will be agreed with the management.

G. Application Requirements

Interested Individual consultant(s)/consultancy firms are expected to submit the following:

A. Technical Proposal (Not more than 8 Pages)

  • Company Profile.
  • Clear course curriculum, work plan, and timelines describing the proposed methodology/approach to the training.
  • Proof of experience in handling similar training courses by providing a list of past and present clients for which the consultant(s)/firm has already conducted a training for.
  • Submit at least three Certificates of completion/recommendation letters from previous most recent clients preferably (include contact information).
  • Provide at least 2 examples of workshop materials previously developed.
  • Indicate qualifications of the lead team and support team, with CVs and functional responsibilities of the key people to be engaged.
  • Indicate years of experience in developing and facilitating training workshops in the field of result-based management and project management. (Over 5 years of experience will be an added advantage)
  • Any other information to support your proposal.

B.  Financial Proposal (Not more than 2 Pages)

  • Budget should be clearly broken down and justified including estimated days of working and expenses related to training
  • Be comprehensive and inclusive of all applicable taxes.
  • Indicate terms and conditions of payment.

H. Application Submission

Interested applicants should send their Technical and Financial Proposals together with other supporting documents to the Procurement Officer through the emailprocurement@aatf-africa.org by COB 30th  October 2023 with the subject head ‘Project Result Based Management ‘.

I. Terms and conditions of the proposal

AATF reserves the right to request new or additional information regarding each service provider and any individual or other persons associated with its project proposal. AATF reserves the right not to make any appointment from the proposals submitted.

Service providers shall not make available or disclose details pertaining to their Project proposal with anyone not specifically involved unless authorized to do so by AATF. Service providers shall not issue any press release or other public announcement pertaining to details of their project proposal without prior written approval.

AATF Service providers are required to declare any conflict of interest they may have in the transaction for which the tender is submitted or any potential conflict of interest. AATF reserves the right not to consider further any proposal where such a conflict of interest exists or where such potential conflict of interest may arise.

J. Confidentiality statement

All data and information received from AATF for the purpose of this assignment are to be treated confidential and are only to be used in connection with the execution of these Terms of Reference. All intellectual property rights arising from the execution of these Terms of Reference are assigned to AATF.