Project Contacts


David Tarus

Project Coordinator


The Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture supports the Seeds2B project.

Vision of Success/Goal

  • Seeds2B’s vision is to ensure that in Sub-Saharan Africa get ready and unrestricted access to quality seeds for a wide range of better-performing and locally-adapted varieties of strategic crops





  • To identify and access outstanding crop varieties to meet local market needs;
  • To evaluate performance and market acceptance of a range of crop varieties across agro-ecologies;
  • To provide risk mitigation support for seed value chain stakeholders through stimulation of market demand, facilitation of compliance to applicable regulations, protection of Intellectual Property Rights and provision of product stewardship support; and
  • To broker partnerships between local seed enterprises and seed technology owners to ensure benefit for all and more so smallholders in SSA.

More About the Project

Improved access to a wide range of quality, affordable better-performing and locally adapted crop varieties

Sustained supply of quality higher yielding varieties through licensing and stewardship.

Increased household income, better livelihoods and food security

Effective link with new markets for public and private breeders leading to more returns on investments in technology development

Enhanced capacity on technology transfer and seed business management for public and private research organisations

Strengthened seed systems through reduced barriers to trade and investment as well as increased competition

Higher quality certified seed volumes traded and enhanced profits for SSAs seed industry

Private seed companies have been engaged to commercialize varieties through licensing

Private seed companies are distributing the improved seed through community based seed enterprises and farmer cooperatives

Key Numbers

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Number of improved varieties that the Project has accessed and evaluated so far for possible release…

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Number of new varieties released and being commercialized in Uganda through the Project

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Number of farmers who have adopted newly released varieties since November 2019.

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Million USD - Estimated worth of commercial seed market in SSA, excluding South Africa