Why is this Important?

A supportive and enabling policy environment and public participation that will stimulate innovation, technology uptake and agribusiness is critical if agriculture is to make meaningful difference to the lives of smallholder farmers in Africa.

Agriculture is strategically important for countries in the developing world given its direct link to food security and economic development. Farmers in SSA have shown willingness to adopt innovative technologies especially when they address their farming constraints, increase value and are affordable.

However, new and innovative agricultural technologies with great potential to make a difference to African economies and farmers’ lives are not getting to market as fast as they should and are also not being scaled up across Africa’s agro-ecological zones because of various reasons including less enabling policy, legal and regulatory environment.

Our Contribution

  • We align with African institutions including the African Union, governments, state and non-state actors to champion for functional policy and regulatory environments, effective institutional arrangements and political support for agricultural innovations that will allow the continent to reap the full value of improved agricultural approaches at the individual and country levels.

  • We promote dialogue on science, technology and innovation including education and awareness of technologies to build understanding and informed decision making at national, regional and international levels by advancing credible multi-stakeholder engagement with public and private sector agencies.

  • We strengthen the capacity of institutions and individuals to equip them with the knowledge they need to effectively carry out their work.

An enabling policy and regulatory environment refers to sets of policies, institutions, support services, processes, capacities and other conditions that improve or create a setting where agricultural sector players including enterprises, can start, develop and thrive.

Given our belief that innovative agricultural technologies can positively impact the lives of smallholder farmers in Africa, we proactively address policy and regulatory obstacles to technology access and delivery across the food value chain from research, production, processing through to market linkages.

We mainstream into our projects complementary enabling functions that include intellectual property rights, policy advocacy, regulatory support, technology stewardship, communications and issue management, product deployment and seed systems.

A conducive environment contributes to efficient and effective country and continent-wide economic growth. Countries that create conducive business climates employ sound policies, institutions and services to promote investment, attract capital and engender economic growth.

Current Projects and Special Initiatives

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