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Consultancy to review the policy and regulatory environment on agricultural biotechnology and their implications on biotechnology regulation in OFAB chapter countries

The main purpose of this consultancy is to conduct a Policy Analysis to assess the Agricultural Biotechnology policy and regulatory environment and analyze the Consumer Perceptions on products emanating from Genetic Engineering/GMOs (Transgenics and products of Gene Editing) while also providing a comprehensive review of the Political Environment and Interests that shape regulatory decision making around Agricultural Biotechnology in specific countries i.e. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Nigeria.

Consultancy on Assessing the Impact and Efficacy of Locust Control Spraying Operations in Kenya

For several years, AATF has been collaborating with USDA-FAS to support work around facilitating access by farmers to quality and efficacious pest control products including conventional chemicals and biopesticides in the East African Region. These efforts have contributed to regulatory reforms in the region, culminating in the development and adoption of regulations and guidelines to facilitate the testing and registration of both biopesticides and conventional pesticides in the EAC region. It is important to underline that these efforts are timely considering that the region is grappling with threats posed by emerging pests such as the Fall Armyworm (FAW) and the Desert Locust. The latter is an invasive migratory pest of great economic importance in the region following the recent outbreak that has affected several parts of the greater Eastern Africa region (Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, and South Sudan). Following the invasion, several stakeholders have been engaged in control campaigns involving ground and aerial sprays among other strategies. Consequently, AATF and USDA-FAS seek to assess the Impact and Efficacy of Locust Control Spraying Operations in Kenya. To execute this task, AATF is seeking the services of 5 individual consultants to form a team of experts that will help to deliver on this task.

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