1.0 About AATF

Founded in 2003 to address Africa’s food security prospects through agricultural technology, AATF believes that the agricultural sector is a key foundational pillar as Africa consolidates its economic growth and carves out its new position as a major global economic powerhouse and the next growth market in the world.

It was formed in response to the need for an effective mechanism that would facilitate and support negotiation for technology access and delivery and the formation of appropriate partnerships to manage the development & deployment of innovative technologies for use by smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

2.0 Background

AATF has contributed markedly to its mandate by empowering smallholder farmers across SSA with a wide choice of agricultural innovations that generate wealth and health for their families and communities.

AATF wishes to document such contributions in various formats to showcase its impact since its inception in 2003.

Such documents would be crucial for learning, resource mobilisation and validation of the critical role that AATF continues to play in transforming livelihoods in SSA. Established in 2003, AATF will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2023. AATF wishes to prepare a historical account of the organisation as part of the commemoration. Access AATF’s 2021 achievements through the link: AATF 2021 Annual Report

3.0 Objectives of the assignment

    1. Chronicle the major events in the 20 years of AATF
    2. Draw major achievements, challenges and what remains to be done, and suggest lessons for the
    3. Research, analyse, produce and document AATF’s success/impact stories
    4. Tell the AATF’s 20 years long story in the most interesting way

4.0 Scope of Work

Working closely with the Communications and Partnership Unit (CPU) and relevant project leads, the consultant will generate articles, review, edit and ensure quality assurance and timely submission. The consultant will:

    • Develop and present an inception report detailing how the assignment will be carried out to ensure ideas are expressed concisely and
    • Review key documents pertaining to the assignment
    • Develop manuscript and revised versions
    • Work closely with CPU to ensure all relevant information is included in the document.
    • Make recommendations for design, use of photos, illustrations, layout, size of the booklet and overall quality of the publication
    • Ensure the document adheres to copyright

5.0 Deliverables:

    • Inception report including methodology, and suggested structure of the booklet
    • List of interviewees and work plan
    • A manuscript on AATF’s success/impact
    • Photographs and any other materials usable in the book’s design
    • Draft copy of the book (hard and e-copies)

6.0 Duration:

The period of the assignment is three months from the contract start date for release of the publication on the first week of April 2023.

7.0 Qualification/experience

    • Demonstrated interviewing and science writing skills with bias in agricultural reporting. Share at least five stories related to agricultural issues will be required.
    • Demonstrated and proof in editing and proofreading skills. Share proof of a previously edited manuscript
    • Demonstrated experience in writing impact stories is essential. Share at least five samples of previously published impact stories related to the scope of the assignment.
    • Experience and proof of undertaking similar projects in SSA will be needed. Share a minimum of three reference letters or recommendations.
    • Demonstrated good knowledge of agricultural biotechnology advocacy and communication environment in SSA will be an added advantage

8.0 Application Criteria

AATF would like to invite potential consultant(s) to submit the technical and financial proposals for the preparation of the booklet. Interested and qualified consultant(s) should send their CV, and a five-page technical and financial proposal on how to undertake the assignment.

Interested candidate(s) should submit their application through email, procurement@aatf-africa.org with the subject head ‘Development of AATF 20th Anniversary Booklet’ on the subject to reach AATF Procurement Office on or before 1st August 2022.

9.0 Terms and conditions of the proposal

AATF reserves the right to request new or additional information regarding each service provider and any individual or other persons associated with its project proposal.

AATF reserves the right not to make any appointment from the proposals submitted. Service providers shall not make available or disclose details pertaining to their Project proposal with anyone not specifically involved unless authorized to do so by AATF. Service providers shall not issue any press release or other public announcement pertaining to details of their project proposal without prior written approval.

AATF Service providers are required to declare any conflict of interest they may have in the transaction for which the tender is submitted or any potential conflict of interest. AATF reserves the right not to consider further any proposal where such a conflict of interest exists or where such potential conflict of interest may arise.

10.0 Confidentiality statement

All data and information received from AATF for the purpose of this assignment are to be treated confidential and are only to be used in connection with the execution of these Terms of Reference. All intellectual property rights arising from the execution of these Terms of Reference are assigned to AATF.

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