1.0 About AATF

Founded in 2003 to address Africa’s food security prospects through agricultural technology, AATF believes that the agricultural sector is a key foundational pillar as Africa consolidates its economic growth and carves out its new position as a major global economic powerhouse and the next growth market in the world.

It was formed in response to the need for an effective mechanism that would facilitate and support negotiation for technology access and delivery and the formation of appropriate partnerships to manage the development & deployment of innovative technologies for use by smallholder farmers in SSA.

2.0 Objective of the assignment

AATF is looking for a professional photographer (s) and/or qualified firms in Kenya and Nigeria to support the organization to document and showcase its impact by capturing the areas of work related to its mandate for communication and advocacy purposes.

The images will be used for AATF publications, websites, social media platforms, and institutional newsletters among others. Photographs may also be used by the media and other partners on request as a resource to portray the work of AATF in the countries where we operate.

Specifically, the service provider will capture, create, and edit high-quality photos that showcase AATF’s activities and impact through visually appealing and high-quality photos.

3.0 Scope of work

Working closely with the AATF Communications and Partnerships Unit (CPU), the photographer(s) will:

  • Accompany AATF staff for field missions to capture different project beneficiaries and field activities to demonstrate impact.
  • Produce high-quality photography for use on AATF and partner digital channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, website, and online use as well as print media.
  • Work with the CPU team to create and edit captions for accuracy.
  • Deliver well-edited photos together with the raw footage.
  • Recommend best practices to the AATF Communications team for optimal results.
  • Work with AATF within the brand visual guidelines and consent processes in the field to ensure due process is followed in the acquisition of photos in the field.
  • Work with CPU team in distributing and compiling signed model release forms while in the field.
  • Produce staff photos (portrait and otherwise) for use on official documentation, websites and for other production needs.

4.0 Deliverables

  • A set of high-quality, edited digital photographs, shot at the highest resolution that the camera permits. The minimum resolution accepted is 4000 pixels on the long side, in JPEG format. The consultant should have their own equipment for the project.
  • A comprehensive album of photographs that showcase corporate and project activities to capture the impact of AATF work.
  • Permission cleared to enable the organization to use the photographs for the organization’s internal and external communication needs.

5.0 Duration

  • The contract will be for an initial period of one year with an option for extension subject to satisfactory performance by the selected consultant, availability of funding, and the continued need for the service.

6.0 Qualification/experience

• Must have at least five years proven experience in the field/ project and corporate photography.
• Strong storytelling capabilities and editorial judgement
• Extensive experience in producing high quality images for organizations/companies.
• Excellent technical capacities with superior quality equipment.
• Demonstrated knowledge and experience of photo-editing software such as Adobe Suite – Photoshop and Lightroom
• Must be tax compliant/Tax registration certificate.
• Additional experience in development communication will be an added advantage.

7.0 Submission requirements

Interested candidates should submit:
• A Company profile/individual portfolio
• Technical proposal addressing but not limited to the following areas:

  1. Details on how the individual/company will conduct the assignment to meet AATF objectives.
  2. Other value adds to AATF processes.
  3. List of equipment at the disposal of the individual/company for use on the assignment.

• Experience of the firm in handling similar projects (To be supported by a portfolio of previous and present clients).
• At least three recommendation letters from current and previous clients.
• Certificate of Incorporation/ registration.
• KRA Pin certificate.
• Individual /team members’ CVs
• Financial proposal should:
1. Be comprehensive and inclusive of all applicable taxes.
2. Clearly broken down and justified.
3. Indicate terms and conditions of payment.

8.0 Submission timeline:

Interested candidates should submit their application on or before 25th May 2023. Applications should be submitted to AATF Procurement Officer at procurement@aatf-africa.org with the subject line “Provision of Photography Services.”

9.0 Terms and conditions of the Proposal
AATF reserves the right to request new or additional information regarding each service provider and any individual or other persons associated with its project proposal.

AATF reserves the right not to make any appointment from the proposals submitted. Service providers shall not make available or disclose details pertaining to their Project proposal with anyone not specifically involved unless authorized to do so by AATF. Service providers shall not issue any press release or other public announcement pertaining to details of their project proposal without prior written approval.

AATF Service providers are required to declare any conflict of interest they may have in the transaction for which the tender is submitted or any potential conflict of interest. AATF reserves the right not to consider further any proposal where such a conflict of interest exists or where such potential conflict of interest may arise.

10.0 Confidentiality Statement
All data and information received from AATF for the purpose of this assignment are to be treated confidential and are only to be used in connection with the execution of these Terms of Reference. All intellectual property rights arising from the execution of these Terms of Reference are assigned to AATF.