Why is this Important?

Efficient market systems that respond to demand and supply of technologies and ensure small holder farmers have the necessary inputs at the right time, right quantities and quality and can access output markets are essential for Africa’s agriculture to effectively grow incomes for the farmer, business and country.

Crop improvement and generation of innovative agricultural technologies should benefit farmers in Africa through availability of higher yielding and adaptable crop varieties. However, the benefits of some of these products are yet to be realized by smallholder farmers due to delays in getting them to market. Part of the reason for the delay is the under-developed private sector in most African countries, inefficiencies in supply and demand of agricultural inputs, access to cash/credit to purchase inputs, and access to output markets both in-country and cross boundary within Africa.

An efficient market system will ensure the cost of doing business across the value chain is reasonable for all players whether farmers, seed companies, agro-dealers and consumers.

Our contribution

  • We foster collaboration with public and private actors across the value chain including research institutes, universities, national and country governments, private sector technology owners, farmers, agribusinesses, agro-dealers and credit institutions to align the technology transfer process with emerging market dynamics to ensure its suitability and relevance for the future of farming that is attractive to women and youth

  • We help build the capabilities of private sector companies including SMEs to enhance their capacity, speed and effectiveness to deliver agricultural technologies to smallholder farmers. This includes capacity building in efficient mass production systems, quality control, marketing, and technical knowledge of the products as well as general business development.

  • We explore alternative business models for licensing, production, and distribution to ensure quicker and faster mass deployment of the technologies.

We believe that both the public and private sectors have a key role to play in building a better and more beneficial agricultural system for Africa. The private sector is especially well placed to commercialise new agricultural innovations and therefore enhance access and use of new and beneficial technologies by farmers. We therefore work towards harnessing all factors and players to sustainably deliver agricultural products to farmers.

We incorporate commercialisation considerations throughout our projects from product discovery to product access and use by farmers and help build a stronger ecosystem of capable retail partners which is essential to ensure widespread distribution of technology innovations.

To ensure responsible and sustainable delivery of products to farmers, we work with partners towards commercial release of products coming from the research and development pipeline; product allocation, licensing and seed production; and promotion and marketing of new products.

Efficient market systems will accelerate uptake and use of agricultural technologies for improved livelihoods of small holder farmers

Current Projects and Special Initiatives

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