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East African Community Partner States Move to Fast track Registration of Bio-Pesticides in the Region

by AATF Africa Experts on Pesticide Registration from EAC Partners states of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi gathered in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania from September 18 to 20 to finalize drafting of the Regionally Harmonized Guidelines for the Registration of Bio pesticides and Biocontrol Products. The three day technical working group meeting also brought together […]

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AATF in Realignment with COVID-19 Management

As the COVID-19 Pandemic enters its fourth month, countries, communities and organizations are hard pressed to transform their modes of operation to respond to its rapid spread that has seen 30,367 confirmed cases recorded in Africa with 1378 deaths reported to date[1]. Similarly, different sectors of life ranging from social, economic and cultural aspects have […]

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It’s Not Witchcraft – It Is the TELA Maize Seed

TELA maize products are transforming livelihoods at household level in Matibidi village, Mpumalanga province in South Africa. Meet Mr Sam Maebela, a seasoned grain and vegetable farmer who realized exponential increase in his maize yield from the 1 drum (200kgs) he harvested from 1.5Ha in June 2017 to 17 drums (3400kgs) from the same piece […]

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