Project Contact


Dr. Sani Kayode

Project Manager

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), one of the original funders of AATF, supports the Nitrogen-Use Efficient, Water-Use Efficient, Salt-Tolerant Rice Project; Pod-Borer Resistant Cowpea Project; and the Water Efficient Maize for Africa project. USAID supports the MLN Diagnostics and Management Project through CIMMYT. USAID also supported the Striga Control in Maize project as part of the US government’s Feed the Future initiative.

Vision of Success/ Goal

To significantly impact food security, livelihood, and resilience of
smallholder rice farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa


1. To develop Nitrogen-Use Efficient, Water-Use efficient Salt Tolerant (NEWEST) Rice Varieties
2. To improve farmer preferred varieties with the NEWEST traits
3. Commercialize and produce seeds of NUE and NEWEST farmer preferred rice varieties in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).
4. To develop and disseminate farmer preferred and locally adaptedrice varieties with enhanced nitrogen-use efficiency, water-use efficiency and salt tolerance

More About the Project

Improved higher yielding farmer-preferred rice varieties, with an additional 1.3 million tonnes of rice produced in Africa each year, reducing the current deficit by 10 percent

Abandoned croplands will be reclaimed reducing land shortages

Mitigate the impact of climate change on small holder rice farmers

Reduced cost of rice production and increased yield under
rainfed rice condition thereby increasing economic competitiveness of locally produced rice

The technology has source from Arcadia Biosciences on a royalty free basis for smallholder farmers of Africa??

Key Numbers

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Level of yield increase expected through NEWEST rice

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yield advantage under low nutrient soil?

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triple stacked NEWET Rice events developed with yield advantage of up to 40% under the abiotic…