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George Marechera

Agribusiness Development Manager

Investor & Partners

UK Aid was one of the original funders of AATF and continues to provide core funding to support the AATF’s operations, including helping to build institutional capacity and strengthen corporate governance. It partially supports some projects, complementing project funding from other investors and wholly funds others. The larger part of CAMAP activities are supported with funding from the UK Aid,

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supports the TELA, Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa, QBS, the Hybrid Rice: Breeding by Design projects and has contributed to integrating IT into CAMAP. The Foundation previously supported the WEMA project and also provided core funding for organizational operational support.

African Development Bank AfDB is supporting AATF in executing the Maize Compact and Enabling Policy Compact under their program Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT).

More About the Project

Increased yields per hectare from 5 tonnes to between 25 – 45 tonnes per hectare

Increased incomes from the sale of cassava products – from USD 150 – 600 per hectare to USD2,000 –3,500 per hectare

Improve quality of life of cassava farmers especially by women, by decreasing the amount of time required for farming activities

Strengthen market linkages and market capacities

Robust cassava value chains and strong market linkages

Increase revenue from business due to high cassava production and wide marketing opportunities

Farmers can access mechanisation services and technical knowledge directly through the project which is implemented in partnership with NaCRRI in Uganda, ZARI in Zambia and Agridrive Ltd in Nigeria

Key Numbers

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increase in income for farmers per ha from 700 USD to 2000 USD

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Reduction in drudgery for farmers especially women

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increase in yields per hectare from 7-9 tonnes to over 25 tonnes

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beneficiaries of CAMAP Project to date


Information and Resources

Muinga G and Marechera G (2018) The effect of mechanisation on cassava production in Ogun, Osun, Kwara States of Nigeria. Food Chain 7:1, 1-14


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Marechera,G.T., Muinga G. (2017) Value chain approaches to mechanization in cassava cultivation and harvesting in Africa. In Hershey, C. H. (ed.), Achieving sustainable cultivation of cassava Volume 1: Cultivation techniques, Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, Cambridge, UK (ISBN: 978 1 78676 000 5;


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