Larry R. Beach

Principal, Sustainable Technology for Agriculture, LLC

Member, Board of Trustees

Larry R. Beach was the Senior Biotechnology Advisor, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Bureau for Food Security, before he retired at the end of 2012. Before working with USAID he worked at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. for over 17 years where he led the laboratory research for seed modification for nutritional enhancement (which included amino acid enhancement, increased available phosphorus and increased available energy), oil quality and modified starches. Dr Beach is the inventor or co-inventor on 17 patents in the area of male sterility and nutritional enhancement.

At USAID, Dr Beach worked with partners in the public and private sector to help develop improved crops for developing countries. Crop improvements using advanced biotechnology techniques are targeted in local crops where breeding solutions are not available to overcome constraints such as abiotic stress (drought, salt, heat) and reduced yield due to insects and diseases. His main focus has been on crops for Africa, South Asia and the Philippines.

Dr Beach has formed Sustainable Technology for Agriculture, LLC, to continue his work to help farmers have access to improved crops.

Dr Beach obtained his BA in Zoology at the University of South Florida in Tampa and his PhD in Oncology at the University of Wisconsin. His post-doctoral experience includes work at the University of Washington and at Plant Industry, CSIRO, Australia.