Edith Kouko

Programme Assistant

Edith Kouko holds a B.Sc. degree in Agriculture (honors) from the University of Nairobi, Kenya (with plant breeding, and quantitative and population genetics being some of her best performed units) and an M.Sc. degree in Agriculture from Yamagata University, Japan, with her thesis based on dissemination of New Rice for Africa (NERICA) in Western Kenya. Before joining AATF, she served as a Sub County Crops Development Officer (Nambale and Butula Sub Counties) and a Sub County Agribusiness Development Officer (Butula and Samia Sub Counties) in the State Department of Agriculture in Busia County for seven years. Her duties included coordination of implementation of agribusiness and crop related programmes and projects in Busia County such as National Accelerated Agricultural Inputs Access Programme (NAAIAP), Kenya Agricultural Productivity and Agribusiness Project (KAPAP) and Programme for Agriculture and Livelihoods in Western Communities (PALWECO), preparation and implementation of work plans and budgets, compilation of sectional reports, linking farmers to markets and input suppliers and interacting closely with stakeholders along agricultural value chains with the aim of supporting small scale producers achieve food security and raise their household incomes. Edith was also involved in the New Rice for Africa (NERICA) Dissemination Programme in Busia County. As Programme Assistant in the Department of Technical Operations, Edith is responsible for the coordination and submission of technical reports, preparation of project documents, annual project budget reviews, project status reports and participation in project review meetings. Edith is a Kenyan national.