Edgar Wavomba

Project Coordinator, Seeds2B

Edgar Wavomba holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, specialising in Biotechnology and Molecular biology, and a multidisciplinary Master’s degree in Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management from the University of Warwick (UK). Prior to joining AATF, Edgar worked within a multifaceted team to coordinate practical teaching, academic research and community outreach activities at the University of Warwick. While at Warwick, he volunteered to facilitate achievement of teaching and learning objectives of the Warwick in Africa program, an initiative that leverages the spirit of volunteerism, partnerships, and venture philanthropy to sustainably address poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa by enhancing the education of secondary school students and teachers. Additionally, Edgar provided support to recruitment, pedagogical and content development efforts directed towards the establishment and development of a Graduate Student Mentor program at Warwick’s International Gateway for Gifted Youth (IGGY), a not-for-profit social network created by the university to connect and challenge the world’s brightest young minds. He has also served as a Management Systems Consultant, offered direction to graduate entrepreneurs based in the UK seeking to operationalize biotechnology businesses in Africa and trained diploma and degree students in biotechnology and biochemistry at the Technical University of Kenya as a part time lecturer. Edgar is responsible for coordinating the implementation of Seeds2B project activities. Edgar is a Kenyan national.