Annual Reports

  • Message from the Board Chair and Executive Director
  • Mixed fortunes for Striga Control in Maize Project as MLN and drought rear their ugly heads
  • Efficacy trials confirm resistance of transgenic cowpea to pod-borer pests
  • Great achievements in development and commercialisation of WEMA products
  • Trials of hope: Milestones achieved in NEWEST Rice Project as Nigeria commissions trial facility
  • Demand for mechanisation shoots up as cassava farmers bag bumper harvests
  • Promising yields from hybrid rice trials
  • 2015 a defining year for Seeds2B variety evaluation trials in Malawi and Zimbabwe
  • OFAB welcomes new phase, redefines biotech advocacy
  • Developing transgenic bananas resistant to BXW disease
  • Overcoming regulatory challenges in commercialisation and adoption of biofertlilisers and biopesticides in Africa
  • Sampling and testing protocol: Ensuring accuracy in determining aflatoxin contamination in maize and peanuts
  • Financial Report 2015
  • Board of Trustees 2015
  • AATF Staff 2015
  • Message from the Board Chair and Executive Director
  • New partnerships, first hybrid and new varieties re-energise the Project and boost commercialisation of StrigAway maize seed
  • Gearing to deliver pod-borer resistant cowpea to farmers
  • DroughtTEGO gains higher demand – even as MLN devastates the maize market
  • NEWEST Rice Project ushers in Phase II as Nigeria joins the Project
  • Higher yields and better prices for cassava farmers under CAMAP
  • First hybrid rice developed
  • OFAB opts for high-impact grassroots outreach
  • The Seeds2B Project rolls off its workplan with technology needs assessment and scouting
  • Expanding the horizon of possibilities – producing and testing transgenic lines with stacked genes
  • Commercial Products II (COMPRO II) Project
  • USDA-FAS initiative for bio-pesticide registration guidance for Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Control of aflatoxin contamination in maize and peanuts in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Message from the Board Chair & Executive Director
  • Efforts intensified towards enhancing production and access to Striga control in maize seed in East Africa
  • Ghana conducts first trials for pod-borer resistant cowpea as Nigeria progresses into multi-location trials
  • Second confined field trial for Bacterial Wilt Resistance Banana established in Uganda
  • The first conventional drought-tolerant maize varieties commercialised in Kenya
  • First NEWEST rice field trials established in Uganda and Ghana
  • Aflasafe biocontrol commercialisation efforts intensified in Kenya and Senegal
  • Cassava project expands in Nigeria as Uganda gets on board
  • Hybrid Rice Project develops first set of hybrids for field testing in 2014
  • Growing interest in OFAB prompts launch of a new chapter in Zimbabwe
  • New project to address access to quality seed in Sub-Saharan Africa formed
  • Financial Report
  • Imazapyr herbicide registered in Tanzania as country gears for commercialisation of maize varieties to fight the Striga weed
  • Successful Bt cowpea trials pave way for multi-locational testing in Nigeria as Ghana receives approval for first confined field trial
  • Banana cultivar lines with resistance to bacterial wilt disease developed in Uganda
  • WEMA prepares to deploy conventional hybrids and receives permits for Bt maize trials in Kenya and Uganda
  • Ghana and Uganda prepare to conduct rice trials as project generates transgenic lines for testing
  • Aflatoxin Control Project receives approval for on-farm testing in Kenya as demand for bio-control technology rises in Nigeria
  • Cassava Mechanisation and Agro-processing Project kicks-off in Zambia and Nigeria
  • Demand for OFAB grows as a sixth chapter is launched in Burkina Faso
  • Financial report
  • Message from the Project Coordinator - Download 2012 Banana Project Progress Report
  • Project overview
  • Project Management
  • Product development progress
  • Confined field trial compliance
  • Communications and outreach
  • Capacity enhancement
  • Project Partners


NEWEST 2012 Annual Project Progress Report

  • Message from the Project Coordinator
  • About the Newest Rice Project
  • Project Activities and Key Milestones
  • Project Management
  • The NEWEST Rice Project Partnership

  • Uganda prepares to deploy seed to control Striga infestation in maize
  • Burkina Faso undertakes confined field trials for Maruca-resistant cowpea
  • Development of Kenyan banana varieties with resistance to bacterial wilt begins as promising trial results are reported in Uganda
  • Conventional drought-tolerant maize varieties submitted for national performance trials
  • Uganda approves testing of rice in confined field trials
  • Aflatoxin control technology tested in Kenya
  • OFAB fifth chapter launched in Ghana
  • Financial Report

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  • Fighting Striga in Farmers’ Maize Fields – Seed Production and Deployment Enhanced
  • Second CFT Planted Successfully in Nigeria
  • Confined Field Trial Planted in Uganda
  • Confined Field Trials Approved in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa
  • Project Prepares for Confined Field Trials for Transgenic Rice in 2012
  • Efficacy of AflaSafe™ Confirmed
  • Effective Regulation of Biotechnology in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Responsible Management of Intellectual Property in Agriculture
  • Building Trust in Public-Private Partnerships
  • OFAB Chapters Reflect on Success, Challenges and Lessons
  • Financial Report
ENGAGEMENT VIS-À-VIS DES AGRICULTEURS: Essais d'innovations agricoles sur le terrain - Annual Rapport Annuel 2010
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 Annual Report 2010
  • Lutte contre le Striga, dans les champs de maïs des agriculteurs - Amélioration de la production et du déploiement des semences
  • Deuxième plantation réussie d'essai en milieu confiné au Nigeria
  • Plantation d'essai en milieu confiné en Ouganda
  • Approbation des essais en milieu confiné au Kenya, en Ouganda et en Afrique du Sud
  • Préparation du projet pour essais en milieu confiné du riz transgénique en 2012
  • Confirmation de l'efficacité de l'AflaSafe™
  • Réglementation efficace de la biotechnologie en Afrique sub-saharienne
  • Gestion responsable de la propriété intellectuelle dans l'agriculture
  • Instauration de la confiance dans les partenariats publics-privés
  • Les sections régionales de l'OFAB reflètent le succès, les défis et les leçons
  • Rapport financier
COMPROMISSO COM OS AGRICULTORES: Ensaios de campo de inovações na agricultura – Relatório Anual 2010
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Annual Report 2010
  • A luta dos Agricultores contra a Estriga nos campos de milho – Aumento da produção e distribuição de sementes
  • Segundo ensaio de campo confinado plantado com sucesso na Nigériaa
  • Ensaio de campo confinado plantado no Uganda
  • Ensaio de campo confinado aprovado no Quénia, no Uganda e na África do Sul
  • Projeto prepara ensaio de campo confinado para arroz transgénico em 2012
  • Confirmada a eficácia do AflaSafe™
  • Regulamentação de Biotecnologia no Sub-Saara Africano
  • Gestão responsável da Propriedade Intelectual na Agricultura
  • Criar confiança em parcerias público-privadas
  • A OFAB reflete sobre sucesso, desafios e lições
  • Relatório Financeiro
Plus proche de la promesse: Du laboratoire au champ - Rapport annuel 2009
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  • Lutte contre le Striga dans les exploitations de maïs des petits agriculteurs en Afrique sub-saharienne
  • Tout premier essai du niébé Bt en milieu confiné en Afrique
  • Développement de bananes transgéniques résistantes au BXW
  • Maïs économe en eau pour l’Afrique (WEMA)
  • NUEST : Transformation du nouveau riz pour l’Afrique
  • Les agriculteurs adoptent AflaSafe™, premier produit biologique indigène de lutte contre les aflatoxines en Afrique
  • Concept du produit : Lutte contre le Striga dans les champs de sorgho des petits agriculteurs en Afrique sub-saharienne
  • Les technologies agricoles chinoises pourraient fournir un nouveau mode d’engagement Chine-Afrique
  • OFAB : Sensibilisation aux technologies agricoles avancées
  • Rapport financier
Mais perto da promessa: Do laboratório ao campo - Relatório Anual de 2009
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  • Controlo de Striga em Pequenas Quintas de Milho da África Subsariana
  • Primeiro Ensaio de Campo Confinado de Feijão-Frade Bt em África
  • Desenvolvimento de Bananas Transgénicas Resistentes a BXW
  • Milho com Eficiência Hídrica para África (WEMA)
  • NUEST: Transformar Novo Arroz para África
  • Agricultores Adoptam AflaSafeTM, o Primeiro Produto Autóctone de Controlo Biológico de Aflatoxina em África
  • Conceito de Produto: Controlo de Striga em Pequenas Quintas de Sorgo da África Subsariana
  • Tecnologias Agrícolas Chinesas Podem Oferecer Novo Modelo de Cooperação China-África
  • OFAB: Sensibilização para as Tecnologias Agrícolas Avançadas
  • Relatório Financeiro
Closer to the Promise: From Lab to Field - Annual Report 2009
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  • Striga Control in Smallholder Maize Farms in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • First Ever Confined Field Trial of the Bt Cowpea in Africa
  • Developing Transgenic BXW-Resistant Bananas
  • Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA)
  • NUEST: Transforming New Rice for Africa
  • Farmers Embrace AflaSafe™, the First Indigenous
  • Aflatoxin Biological Control Product in Africa
  • Striga Control in Smallholder Sorghum Fields in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Chinese Agricultural Technologies Could Provide New China-Africa Mode of Engagement
  • OFAB: Creating Awareness for Advanced Agricultural Technologies
  • Financial Report
Relatório Anual de 2008. Resolver as Limitações dos Agricultores Através de Intervenções Científicas
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  • Na Ofensiva – Alargar os Esforços de Controlo da Planta-Parasita Striga nas Culturas de Milho em África
  • Ensaios de Campo Controlados de Feijão-Frade Resistente a Maruca para África
  • Aumentar a Resistência à Murchidão Bacteriana da Banana
  • Desenvolver Milho com Eficiência Hídrica para África
  • O Nosso Projecto de Arroz NUEST
  • Controlar a Aflatoxina: Trabalhar para Evitar o Inevitável
  • Extrair Energia da Mandioca: Desenvolver uma Indústria do Etanol Baseada na Mandioca na África Subsariana
  • Progresso, Desafios e Oportunidades: Uma Síntese da Primeira Análise Externa da AATF
  • Regulamentar as Culturas GM em África: Seguir na Direcção Certa
  • As Vantagens Ocultas das Parcerias Público-Privadas
  • Adquirir uma Perspectiva Africana: Alargar o Fórum Livre sobre Biotecnologia Agrícola em África
  • Relatório Financeiro
Rapport annuel 2008. Aborder les contraintes des fermiers par des interventions scientifiques
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  • À l'offensive: Expansion des efforts d'endiguement de la mauvaise herbe Striga sur le maïs en Afrique
  • Essais de gourgane résistante au Maruca contrôlés sur le terrain pour l'Afrique
  • Établissement de résistance au flétrissement bactérien de la banana
  • Développement de maïs économe en eau pour l'Afrique
  • Notre projet sur le riz NUEST
  • Contrôle de l'aflatoxine : Comment éviter l'inévitable
  • Dérivation d'énergie à partir du manioc : Développement d'une industrie d'éthanol basée sur le manioc en Afrique sub-saharienne
  • Progrès, enjeux et opportunités : Synthèse de la Première revue externe de l'AATF
  • Réglementation des cultures MG en Afrique : Dans la bonne voie
  • Avantages cachés des Partenariats Publics/Privés
  • Acquisition d'une perspective en Afrique : Expansion du Forum Ouvert pour la Biotechnologie Agricole en Afrique
  • Rapport financier
Addressing Farmers’ Constraints Through Scientific Interventions. Annual Report 2008
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  • On the Offensive: Expanding Striga Weed Control Efforts on Maize in Africa
  • Controlled Field-Testing of Maruca-Resistant Cowpea for Africa
  • Building Resistance to Bacterial Wilt Disease in Banana
  • Developing Water Efficient Maize for Africa
  • Our NUEST Rice Project
  • Controlling Afflatoxin: Working to Avoid the Unavoidable
  • Deriving Energy from Cassava: Developing a Cassava-based Ethanol Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Progress, Challenges and Opportunities: A Synthesis of AATF’s First External Review
  • Regulating GM Crops in Africa: Moving in the Right Direction
  • The Hidden Beneffits of Public/ Private Partnerships
  • Gaining an African Perspective: Expanding the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa
  • Financial Report
Towards a Prosperous and Food Secure Africa, Progress and Promise: Annual Report 2007
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  •  Farmers Accept New Weapon against Witchweed: Perceptions on StrigAway® Maize Technology in Kenya
  • Advances in the Development of Maruca-Resistant Cowpea Lines
  • Halting the Spread of Banana Bacterial Wilt in Africa Through Genetic Transformation
  • Combining Breeding and Biotechnology to Develop Water Efficient Maize for Africa
  • Seeking Ways to Realise the Potential of Cassava
  • Rice Varieties With Enhanced Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Salt Tolerance
  • Biological Control of Aflatoxin in Peanuts
    OFAB: A Fountain of Knowledge on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa
  • Innovative Pathways to Commercialising Agricultural Research Results in Africa
  • Implementing AATF’s Strategic Plan: The Balanced Score Card Approach
  • Financial Report
Delivering the Promise, Impacting Lives with New Technologies: Annual Report 2006
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  • Facilitating the Adoption of Strigaway® Maize Technology by Smallholder Farmers
  • Striga Management in Maize Fields in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Major Hurdles Overcome: Essential Steps in Developing Bt Cowpea for Africa are Achieved
  • Joining the War to Combat the Banana Bacterial Wilt Epidemic in Africa’s Great Lakes Region
  • Update on Product Concepts
  • Bracing for Genetically Modified Crops: Status of Regulations for GM Crops in African Countries
  • Product Stewardship: Promoting the Responsible and Sustainable Use of New Agricultural Technologies
  • Ensuring Freedom to Operate
  • Gluing Public/Private Partnerships: Questions of Who and Why
  • Science, Technology and Agriculture in Africa: Sharing Information and Knowledge – The Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa
  • Bridging the Gap to New Technologies for Smallholder Farmers in Africa: AATF Strategy (2007–2015)
  • 2006 Highlights
  • AATF – People Working Together

Harnessing the Potential of Public/Private Partnerships Annual Report 2005
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  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Where Hunger and Poverty Stifle Potential
  • Unleashing the Power of Public/Private Partnerships
  • Controlling "Witchweed" in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Accessing Proprietary Technology for Improving Cowpea Productivity
  • Working with Technology Donors
  • AATF Highlights
  • Update on Other Initiatives
  • Update on Discontinued Initiatives
  • Financial Report

A New Bridge to Sustainable Agricultural Development in Africa Annual Report 2004
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  • Message from the Board Chair 
  • Birth of an Idea
  • Implementation of the AATF Concept
  • New Ways to Facilitate the Transfer of Agricultural Technologies
  • Managing Intellectual Property to Benefit the Poor
  • Building Public-Private Partnerships
  • Projects Underway
  • Projects Under Development
  • Financial Report


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