Regina Nderitu — Project Assistant, WEMA

Regina Nderitu holds Masters of Science (Agronomy) and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture degrees from the University of Nairobi. Before joining AATF  she woked for Kilimo Trust in Uganda as a Technical Assistant involved in analysis and mapping of agricultural production systems in EAC and improving farmer’s productivity on food crops through enhancing superior technology dissemination and utilization. Previously she worked for the Kenya Ministry of Agriculture as a District Crops Development Officer facilitating farmers and coordinating stakeholders in improving food security through promotion of sustainable farming approaches, facilitating crop enterprises extension and ensuring market linkages and promoting compliance to standards of crops production. Regina stationed in the Embu, Kenya, office and is responsible for overseeing WEMA field activities in central and upper eastern regions of Kenya to ensure timely delivery of milestones. Regina is a Kenya citizen.

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